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The best places for sailing

Sailing requires an apprenticeship, but everything starts from a knowledge of navigation, because a sailing boat advances by the thrust of the wind. If the boat is in critical navigation, it will not move forward and will not even move.


You need a boat license to rent a sailboat. The best place to rent a sailboat is to go to Colombia. There are several islands that we like to visit in Colombia and this year is the best destination. Today, if you find the right company, it will be 50 euros per day and this for a Catamaran rental or a sailboat with or without skipper.

A good travel itinerary on a Catamaran

The departure is at 6 o'clock in the morning for a boat from Cartagena de Indias, a first destination on Islas de Rosario. A place where you can have lunch and taste the gastronomic beauty of the country. You can already dive and touch the sea urchins by swimming with the turtle of the sea. Yes, it is already some clichés in our album of holidays. Our second stop is Islas San Bernardo, where we love the setting sun and water skiing to visit the city. And then a nice passage on the Bouquilla de Cartagena where we enjoy the activities in the air and beach soccer and we make a pretty small supply to the Ciudad historica of Cartagena. Where history speaks and monuments to visit for a walk.

Other routes for the sailboat

We have seen Colombia, but there are still other possibilities for an interesting discovery. Croatia also has a calm sea, with 8 days on board for Trogir, Vis, Pakleni, Hvar, Stari Grad, Bol, Milna and then Trogir again. A summer travel idea is to explore the French Riviera.

The best way to save money is to hire a private home where the contract is more flexible, and you are free for schedules.