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Traveling with SamBoat provides you an experience of real travel. Proximity, discovery and autonomy are the keywords. You are the captain when you hire your ship, the one in charge of your vacation. Choose a family vacation or travel with a group of friends or your partner and explore unspoiled landscape around Europe. You will also find different areas in their natural environment, history, vineyards and local population.

SamBoat vacation

SamBoat vacation is another way to get to understand an environment as you go with the flow. Your life on board is going to be enjoyable and pleasant. You can start searching for historical or architectural locations if you hire bicycles. In terms of food and wine, urban or cultural visits, historical interest, nature and swimming, we will assist you design a path that fits you. One of the most popular and beautiful locations is to spend your holiday in the Mediterranean. Find holiday homes in the Greek Islands and experience the incredible sunsets every evening. It is estimated that you will never run out of places to explore between 1200 and 6000 islands. Moreover, many businesses are offering "flotillas." This enables you to manage your own ship separately but following an experienced crew as part of a bigger group, allowing you to learn new abilities, acquire understanding of sailing and meet new individuals.

Safety trip with our boat

All our ships are fully fitted and in top condition to fulfill all safety criteria. For safety and convenience, each boat is equipped with a sun canopy. Upon request, you can prepare a cool box with water and refreshments. A special license is not required until 30hp and ships can be pre-booked in increments of 3 or 6 days. There are also daily rates accessible. By taking benefit of our pre-booked rate deals, you will not only save cash, but also be assured of your preferred boat's accessibility, particularly during high season. So you need to see this for your advantage you will not regret.


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