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Renting a boat while on your travels

We all dream of touring the globe, visiting every nation and finding its most lovely areas. This feeling of discovery and exploration is even higher when sailing across the waters. We provide you a few pointers to begin your search in order to plan an unforgettable journey and rent a yacht online. Once you've embarked on a luxury yacht fitted with all the comforts you could dream of, you might forget there's something to do on land! Your experienced yachting crew will be available to advise you on the best to experience shore excursions. If you are interested in visiting regions that are not available with your yacht, your crew will remain on board as long as needed and will maintain your ship stored and prepared to embark on the next destination.

You can choose a luxury yacht that fits all your criteria

Taking into account all of the above, as well as the number of guests you will bring along. You might want to select a lovely classic yacht design like yacht rental croatia, or you're looking more futuristic like Solo. With nearly fifty luxury yachts accessible for charter, choosing the one you like most is the only challenge! For a tailor-made yachting experience, do not hesitate to contact the Neo Yachting team to schedule your yacht journey around the globe and let the specialists guide you through the entire process. The perfect way to go is to trace your route's first draft and leave space for flexibility if you decide to create some changes along the manner. The weather conditions for each location must also be considered, based on the moment of year you visit them.

Yachting duration

The first step should be to set the duration before even considering your itinerary. Your next decisions will depend heavily on whether you want to charter a yacht for a weekend, a week, or a longer duration. So, to know more on how to rent a boat for your worldwide trip samboat is available.


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