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Boating across the shores of Europe with Samboat

Boat rental in Europe has been governed by a sailing code for some time now, because it has also been observed that people are rushing into boat rental without a skipper on boat rental sites between private individuals. Samboat has other proposals for its customers who want to sail with guarantee.

Samboat offers a solution for sailing in Europe

Without any problem, Samboat offers a skipper-free sailing on the fresh waters of Europe. And we know that there are thousands of waterways in Europe that are suitable for this rental without a skipper. Barges, house boats or motor boats can be rented without a license. A small thirty-minute training session so that the driver can get used to the different cranks of this boat, which is not that complicated. The boat rental instruction is simple, is to get wet on a place intended for that, there are indications on the banks of the rivers, and especially not to miss the closing of the border crossing door.

Samboat also offers a classier pleasure sailing experience

For Samboat, a boat less than 6 HP does not need a driving license, and besides for this type of boat, the route is well mapped out. More than that, the rental of a sailboat, catamaran, yacht needs an experienced skipper and can sail to the destinations visible on the site. Renting a boat for a week is possible with an experienced skipper, a navigation map, a pleasure code booklet and the navigation guide. And then, each boat has a radio connected to the central office to communicate with each other and why not ask for assistance from time to time.

Nord Pas de Calais is destined as a marina on the European coasts, then Boulogne, and then Dunkirk. Now, we have several destinations in sight with the Côte-d'Azur in the spotlight, Brittany and then the Mediterranean.


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